Why should your child study at TSI?

1. Graduates receive two diplomas - the state diploma and the diploma of the International Management School, Geneva (Switzerland);

2. Our students get future-proof professions that will be in demand in Kyrgyzstan and other countries in the foreseeable future;

3. Graduates can pursue their profession by the age of 18-19 or continue their education by enrolling in any university worldwide directly into the 2nd year;

4. Our instructors are experienced, innovative professionals who are able to motivate students to learn and achieve success;

5. The courses are gradually switching to English so that graduates can find work in foreign companies;

6. We finance student projects, help students participate in contests and support various student initiatives in every possible way;

7. The students can access internships in leading companies.

For details please call:

📞0559 916 001
📞0705 916 001

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