Tutorship at the AUCA Technical School of Innovation

While the students were enjoying their leave, our tutors participated in the traditional Teaching Skills Improvement training, where they reviewed the contemporary lesson structure, discussed tutors’ roles, and shared methodological techniques with each other. Many tutors noted that the training helped them view the teaching process from the outside, while the feedback of their peers helped them improve lesson planning.

"Tutorship is a communication experience, immersion in the subject, because teaching others is the most efficient way to master the material, as well as the first step towards teaching. Maybe some of our team members will decide to devote their lives to teaching," says Anastasia Sergeevna Shabalina, Head of the Tutorship and Mentorship Center.

The tutor helps students tackle their needs, difficulties, goals, and search for self-fulfillment resources. This is a facilitator to help students independently find answers to questions and learn new skills. The tutor instructs, observes, and supports.

The tutorship culture at TSI is an important part of its educational environment. The tutors are students who additionally train other students in need of advice and help clarify the study materials.

Any student with a high GPA and motivation to teach can become a tutor.

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