Congratulations to the third-year students on the successful critical review of their research papers, leading to the award of Civic Engagement Minor Diploma in December.

It plays a very important role in applying to various foreign scholarship programs and enrollment at universities, as it proves the student's volunteering skills and civic responsibility.

Below is a list of students who successfully completed their final work:

Mambetova Aibiyke.

Subject: Safe household.

Kubatbekova Aidana.

Subject: Face masks.

Mamaturaimanov Aidar.

Subject: Skate park.

Joldoshbekova Kasiet.

Subject: Mixed teachers.

Anarbaev Iskender.

Subject: Tree.

Khan Maxim.

Subject: They want to trust us.

Chynybaev Iman.

Subject: The right to participate.

Kenenbaeva Nurkyz.

Subject: Stay enlightened.

Jumanazarov Tilek.

Subject: Able to be active.

The students raised vital problems faced by our society and offered creative and sometimes even original solutions.

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