Thinking critically. But why?

Nearly all the training courses offered by the Technical School of Innovation build upon the development of students’ critical (rational) thinking. While we train professionals who would be in great demand under any circumstances, we also teach children to reflect on the information they encounter, question it, to go beyond standard solutions.

The continuous technological development makes the previous solutions outdated. Today employees should be quick, organize and adapt to new conditions and, certainly, fulfill their professional duties, effectively solving the business tasks they face. None of this is possible without critical thinking. The reason is that critical thinking implies that an individual is able to analyze problems, independently assess situations and see possible outcomes in order to come up with and implement a truly impactful solution.

How to Improve Your Critical Thinking

USE YOUR JUDGMENT. Never jump to conclusions. First, evaluate the problem (situation, question, information), consider it from different points of view.

RESEARCH. Go beyond personal evaluation of the problem - get an expert opinion. Today information is available in a couple of clicks and it is easy to google the relevant articles, books or videos with people's opinions and reviews on a topic that you are concerned with.

QUESTION. Take nothing at face value, ask questions at every stage of problem solving. Ask yourself and others, if necessary.

AVOID BIASES. Prejudices, biases and stereotypes obstruct thinking outside the box and finding new working solutions.

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