The Technical School of Innovation Launches Civic Engagement Minor

Now TSI students can take additional specialization for free, while studying their major program.

The Technical School of Innovation has launched its first Minor. Now TSI students can also study the additional Civic Engagement Minor free of charge, while continuing their major studies.

Aigul Abduvalieva, program manager, shares the details:

- The overarching aim of the program is to develop and train active, educated and responsive young people who support and promote the idea of "global citizenship".

The Technical School of Innovation students are already creating cool social projects, teaming up to help people in need, and participating in multiple charity events. They are full of ideas, energy and, most importantly, willingness to change the world for the better.

The Civic Engagement Minor is a program that supports and motivates the students to solve global problems by engaging in intercultural contacts, cooperation and dialogue, be tolerant to cultural diversity, understand the importance of global human rights and humanitarian needs, as well as the development of critical thinking.

A short while ago we presented the program to the students and their parents, who expressed great interest - more than 100 students of the Technical School of Innovation were willing to enter this program.

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