Be the one to make the world a better place

Today, on November 17, we congratulate our students on International Students Day! Our precious, wonderful students, we sincerely wish you will become the ones who change this world for the better. Here is the address from Chyngyz Shamshiev, TSI General Director, to our students:

"You can be happy only when your neighbors, your neighborhood, your streets are happy, when your country is happy.

It is not easy to achieve this, and therefore many leave, striving for a prosperous environment, where you can be happy without having to think about the country's happiness.

But take, for example, London, Berlin, New York... All were built by the people who loved these cities, who created and made many selfless endeavors. Over time, their selflessness was rewarded and they achieved prosperity.

The more you give to this world, the more you get in return. So, never shy away from doing something for free, rather than for a specific immediate reward. If you do good, if your friends and friends of your friends do good, Kyrgyzstan will turn into a flourishing region, into a developed and prosperous state.

There are many people to take care of the USA, France, Germany... But no one will take care of our country except you and me. We have no other Motherland, and we must always remember this."

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